Thursday, January 22, 2009

A update on Lyla

Well, Lyla has gotten her two top teeth through. They came through on Monday. I think that on Sunday she helped the process along when she knocked a toy into her teeth. Tears and a smidgen of blood came after that and then it wasn't long until you could see the white of the teeth. The left one is out a bit more than the right, but thank goodness they are cutting through because it has been about a month that she has been working on these, and a long month at that- these teeth have really been bothering her.

Now that her teeth are through - she has started to grind her top and bottom teeth together. This is like nails on a chalk board, it just runs chills up both of our backs. It doesn't seem to bother Lyla. I think she actually likes doing it.

Yesterday Lyla started to clap her hands independently. She sometimes does it on cue but most of the time it is just spontaneous. She was doing it last night in the bath; very cute.

We continue to work on tummy time to help strengthen her upper arms to help her get crawling. She still gets frustrated with this but a little entertainment by me or Ryan seems to pass the time better for her. We were at Gymboree yesterday and I had the instructor work with Lyla and I on her upper body strength and Lyla was very unhappy about the entire situation. This coupled with the fact that she has been trying to get out of a morning nap and she didn't nap more than 10 minutes before Gymboree led to a pretty unhappy girl at Gymboree yesterday. Oh well, not all classes will be good ones, hopefully next week she will be back to her happy self. She fell asleep on the way home with Gymbo in her arms, and slept for 2 and a 1/2 hours after that - the bottom line was that she was tired.

I printed her a picture of Gymbo in plans of hanging it by her change table, she loved holding it, looking at it and trying to eat it. That Gymbo has been a great friend to her, I am so glad I bought him for her.

She is a growing girl. We weighed her last night and she is 17 pounds 11 ounces. She is liking her food again. I think when she was getting her teeth, she really didn't want to eat. Now she is usually eager to eat and will eat about a jar at a sitting.

The last two nights she has slept through the night! YIPPEE!! Finally! She went down at 8:00 last night and slept until 7:15. Pretty darn good. I am hoping that she is going to keep with this routine!

Another interesting thing that seasoned parents have said to me is that when kids are given presents they like the boxes more than the gift. Well at Christmas, she was into getting the wrapping paper into her mouth, so we didn't see the box phenomenon at that time. Yesterday, I was going through her closet and I was getting out a dress that Lyla got when she was born because she would be able to wear it now, and I put the box on the floor by her. The next thing I knew she had a hold of that box and she played with it for about 20 minutes before dinner and then she had to show Daddy after dinner and played with again.

Ryan would say "Lyla up high!" and lift the other end of the box up and she would lift it up high like Daddy. She thought she was pretty smart.

I think that is about all that is going on right now. My little girl is down for the count on her morning nap. We are going to take it easy today - maybe a pajama day. Ryan is sick :( He has a cold, so we are hoping that it doesn't spread to Lyla or myself. Hope you are all feeling good, and have a great day!


pam said...

What a cutie playing with the box! Gymbo is her best friend.

ASHLEY said...


Laurie in Ca. said...

Yep, boxes and paper grocery bags provide some of the best play things.
I love these pictures.