Friday, January 2, 2009

New Microwave 2009

I had high hopes for a day of re-lax-ation, and this has not been the case. Rather, on this the 2nd day of 2009 and it was one of those frustrating days. The day that the over -the -range microwave dies, and the day where the 2 non-engineering people have to install a new one. The 144 dollar installation fee is looking good right now.

Did I mention, that I am pretty type A and this mess is making my skin crawl....

We are just waiting for the wood glue to dry so the fun can continue. Did I mention we have been working on this for like 4 hours... I am starting to consider just plugging it in here on the floor....


pam said...

Well it looks just fine on the floor.

It is a nice looking microwave, and I am sure it will make you very happy when it is installed.

Good luck, and have a good night.

love life said...

hope it stays on in the night !!!

love ya lots

cousin Emily