Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Pictures

Living in the mid-west, you come to expect four seasons and especially a time of snow and winter. I do love winter weather, that is why we had a winter wedding, with the cutter and pictures outside in the snow capped evergreens at my parent's home. Here are some pictures from Saturday night and Sunday morning. In the pictures where you can see the snow falling, that was once the snow had slowed down enough that we decided we should go shovel the lane way so I could get to work in the morning.

I love this one with the Christmas lights glowing under the fresh snow. Yes - we still have our Christmas lights on, I know, I know, it is time to let it go...

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning, with the crispness of the fresh snow and the glorious sun was shining bright.Check out these evergreens - breathtakingly beautiful!

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter and if you are in the deep freeze like us - hope you are all keeping warm!

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pam said...

I love snow on evergreens, and your Christmas lights under the snow is so pretty. I was wanting to take some good evergreen pictures on the way to Elaine's yesterday. But decided against it in the near zero visibility, probably not the smartest idea I have come up with!!