Friday, January 2, 2009

Mission Completed

No words needed - just victory. At least for now, we will see if it is still hanging in the morning.
Good Night!


Anonymous said...

so what was it 11:31? or 9:30?? lol, it looks very nice...I've pined for a hanging microwave...but we have a window above our stove, so it just doesn't work.

I want to see more photos of your place looks so nicely decorated. We should do that, for our friends that have moved away, each day we should post pics of our rooms in our houses ...

anyway, hope all is well Kel, I just loved the photo you sent me of lyla and Ryan and you at Christmas. She is SO cute. Hopefully we can get together again sometime soon.

I'm thinking either a kid day here..(the toys are in abundance) or a pedicure day...wasn't that manicure for P's wedding fun??! And I think we could probably all use a little pampering :)

Love ya girl.

pam said...

You did it. And your kitchen is back in order. It looks so nice and shiny.

I hope you could get a good night's sleep after all than.